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Our Culture


CNOOC has carried forward the Spirit of CNOOC, held theme activities, built ideological consensus, set examples of advanced individuals and units to inspire the passion of all staff for devotion, truth-seeking and innovation and shape the image of the Company.

The Company has promoted the campaign on carrying forward the Spirit of Oil and expanded it to the grassroots level with Party Committees at every level taking the leading role and basic Party branches being main body of activities.

The Company has compiled annual reports on Party building, highlighting characteristics, pioneering thinking and innovation path, making a multidimensional and vivid presentation of Party building efforts, and demonstrating the productivity of Party building.

CNOOC keeps setting advanced individuals and units as examples for others. The Company has edited the stories of advanced collectives and model workers to wider spread the Spirit of Oil and the Culture of CNOOC.

The Company strengthens the corporate brand branding to improve the value of the “CNOOC” brand. As one of the brand carriers, CNOOC exhibition hall received a large number of visitors and carried out activities such as “Visiting CNOOC” on Children’s Day and opening days, and other public welfare activities like “Mobile Classroom for Offshore Oil”. The exhibition hall was listed in the first batch of national research, practice and education projects for students of primary and secondary schools by the Ministry of Education, as one of the four projects of the national assets system.